Day-long workshops designed for professionals in higher education and research

With the rapid transformation of higher education, quality commitments that each institution must meet for their stakeholders, but also the strong pressure on the recruitment market demand increased professional practices.

To accompany the leaders and managers of schools and universities in this permanent and essential demand for adaptation, HEADway has constructed a unique offering of workshops dedicated to them relying on its deep knowledge of the industry.

Intended for a small group of participants, day-long HEADway workshops are led by business experts and higher education specialists.

They are designed to :

  • assess state of the art topics and encourage knowledge transmission,
  • encourage interactivity and the exchange of “best practices”.

A dense day divided in two parts:

Take a step back from the daily action, widen its vision, detect emerging issues

In the morning
each participants will learn how to step back from the daily action and broaden their vision to detect emerging issues and evolutions of the sector and its environment. This will lead them to measure the impact on the institution and its mission and help them to adapt its future practices.

Compare approaches, study new leads, build network

In the afternoon
a professional of the sector will bring his testimony and share his experiences with the participants. This will provide an opportunity for all participants to build a network, exchange on their strategic and operational choices, confront points of view, share ideas and explore new tracks. This collective approach can continue within a network which the group member could establish to interact and exchange "best practices".