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Quality assurance initiatives are valuable in three different ways: 

  • For the market, they are a clear sign of quality that works to reassures potential candidates, students and their families.  They also indicate that an institution can be trusted and complies with demanding requirements.
  • For the management of the institution, accreditations encourage senior teams to develop processes and procedures that improve the quality of their work. They also become a differentiating argument in a growing and competitive market.
  • From a financial perspective, achieving registration with the National Repertoire of Professional Certifications (RNCP) or other special registers for example, is essential for: 
    • Being listed on the CPF;
    • Obtaining mutualised funding for continuing education programs;
    • Developing apprenticeship or work release schemes in higher education. 

Examples of our areas of expertise: 

  • International accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, EPAS, AMBA…)
  • National certifications (National Repertoire of Professional Certifications – RNCP, RS, Visa - undergraduate level, Grade - Masters level, CGE and other special registers…)
  • Performance management and supervision: selecting and developing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), development of AOL processes;
  • Gap analyses;
  • Mock audits or visits. 

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