Organisational performance

The education sector is all about people, and investment in human resources is the number one priority for institutions. We support you in your organisational transformation, change management, and operational improvement projects.  HEADway clients benefit from the collective experience of our senior managers, themselves former leaders in the education and research sector. Our team works with you to ensure a smooth transition, working collaboratively, showing sensitivity, and ensuring that project objectives are understood all throughout your organisation. 
Some examples of projects HEADway has undertaken for clients seeking to better align their strategy, governance and operations: 
· Organisational restructuring (following a merger, acquisition, new campus creation, etc.) 
· Creation of new departments: Academic registry, Welcome Centre, internal training academy, centralisation of distributed functions, etc. 
· Design and creation of smart campuses 
· Development of a faculty training policy 
· Assistance with the choice of a management information system 
· Departmental audit (Academic Registry, programme management, Careers Center, Human Resources, etc.) 
· New programme creation / programme redesign to ensure alignment with latest standards in teaching and learning innovation 
· Development of a ‘skills-based’ approach to teaching & learning 
· Digital transformation of an organisation and its services 

Project Management Assistance for the opening of a new campus

Engineering school ranked in the French Top 20 

A public engineering school has been asked by a metropolis and a university to deploy an engineering training offer. The opening of a new campus has led the school to restructure its training offer and its organisation. It had to obtain the official endorsement of the MESRI (Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation) very quickly in order to engage in this process and convince the MESRI to commit financially to this operation... 

HEADway-advisory assisted the management of this school from an operational and strategic point of view in the construction of the file to be submitted to the MESRI for the deployment of an engineering training offer. 

  • Carrying out an opportunity study (external diagnosis of the implementation environment and available resources) 
  • Development of a training programme, a 10-year economic development model and definition of the target organisation 
  • Setting up partnerships with local actors 

The dossier, put together in record time, and the model designed are now a reference at MESRI. 

The client was quickly able to acquire a precise knowledge of the engineering training offer in France and the necessary skills to set up a global strategy and establish its economic model. 

Support for the reorganisation of the Research and Innovation Directorate (DRI)

French university with over 30,000 students

This university aimed at placing research at the heart of the institution's strategic project. In order to meet this ambition, the DRI had to develop an internal organisation and adapted associated processes while preserving the quality of working life for its teams. 

HEADway carried out a diagnosis of the DRI's organisation, processes and the expectations of its internal and external stakeholders, and drew up a transformation path based on organisational and managerial recommendations. It then accompanied the teams and recruited a new director. 

  • Carrying out external and internal diagnoses at the DRI and presenting a summary in the form of a gap analysis and an initial assessment 
  • Benchmark of 3 French universities 
  • Development of several strategic scenarios 
  • Conducting a strategic orientation seminar and co-construction workshops with DRI staff to engage stakeholders in building a new service project 

The client benefits from an organisation in line with the ambitions of the Presidency and the DRI's users 

The co-construction approach helped to calm the social climate, facilitate the sharing of best practices and identify development paths adapted to the client's context. A project-based working culture has been settled, increasing the DRI's capacity to carry out ambitious projects, and HR measures have been implemented, such as skills management and the formalisation of job descriptions, making it possible to better manage the careers and quality of working life of employees. All this has led to a better quality of service for users and consequently to a better image of the DRI in France and more visibility.