Due diligence

Our unique experience and positioning sees us to provide advisory services to investment funds and institutional investors as part of M&A transactions within the education and professional training sectors. This service is based on our intimate knowledge of the financial, operational, and strategic specificities of this sector. 

Due diligence (sell- or buy-side). Our approach provides you with: 

· A true picture of the target based on detailed analysis of the determinants of its value: market and segment potential, specific constraints and economic potential, positioning and competitive situation, academic quality and potential, HR and organisational issues, brand image, etc. 
· A robust analysis of the potential post-acquisition acceleration plan and a qualified independent assessment of the business plan proposed by the target 
· A risk analysis and identification of potential growth levers to activate during the acceleration phase 

Operational and strategic due diligence in the scope of the acquisition by an investment fund

Post-baccalaureate French Business and Marketing School (Master’s degree)

In the context of the recent acquisition of the school by an investment fund, the school is building its strategic plan and wishes to be accompanied to define its new positioning. The school's new positioning is based on its strengths: solid training in marketing and a highly professional approach, its two post-bac programs being 100% work-study from the first year. 
Mission completed in 2021

Operational and strategic analysis of the school's economic and organisational performance 

HEADway was based on a double diagnosis, internal and external, to understand the strengths & weaknesses of the institution in relation to its market segment as well as the threats and the main levers that can be used in the short term. 
  • Identification of development paths to be included in a growth and cost control strategy 
  • Formalization of several strategic positioning scenarios and definition of the new positioning of the brand in its ecosystem 
  • Identification of priority investments 
  • Development of a target organisation 

 A strengthened business plan and easier decision making for the investment fund and the new school management  

  • Qualified development scenarios and options, detail of the strategic projects 
  • Recommendations in the form of a road map 
  • Development of a target organization